Thinking about Buying a Home?

For most buyers, whether first time buyers or not, purchasing a house is both exciting and scary at the same time. IM Team understands that this can be a frustrating time and strongly recommends that all buyers consult with a professional agent prior to jumping into the real estate market. Agents are well educated, and will be able to assist buyers in upgrading to a bigger home, downgrading to a smaller home, buying a home for the first time, buying a condominium or investing in real estate while at the same time providing useful recommendations to each and every buyer. In order to make this process as smooth as possible, the IM Team has implemented a simple, yet extremely helpful guide on how we help our clients purchase real estate the smart way.

IM Team’s Buying Guide

Obtain a Pre-Approval

It is important that each and every motivated buyer has a pre-approval from a bank prior to viewing real estate properties. This is because if you start viewing properties and actually end up finding your dream property and an offer is prepared, the seller might refuse your offer on the basis that you might never get approved for a mortgage. This happens quite often in the real estate market. All sellers prefer a buyer who they are confident will be able to close the real estate transaction. If they have doubt about you, they might not accept your offer. IM Team will gladly assist their clients on how to obtain a pre-approval, and what to expect from their mortgage specialists.

Cost Expectations Prior to Closing and After Closing

Most buyers do not typically understand the various costs that they may encounter either prior to a property closing date, or after a property closing date. All of these costs add up and having an estimate of these costs is definitely beneficial when trying to determine the amount of money that you will have available for a down-payment, for home purchases, or for home renovations. If you would like IM Team to send you a document of some of the expenditures that buyers are usually responsible for, including an estimate of the costs, please send us an e-mail through Contact Us, and specify “Buyer Report – Often Forgotten Expenses” in your subject line and we will gladly send it to you. We believe that this report will help you in budgeting your expenses while you are planning one of your largest lifetime purchases.

Market Research and Analysis

IM Team will work with you to determine which areas you and your family would prefer to live in, the specifics about the type of property that you are interested in purchasing, what amenities you would like to have access to nearby, and any other crucial information that would be beneficial for us to know. Once IM Team has obtained a sufficient amount of knowledge about you and properties that interest you, IM Team will begin to analyze the current market trends and present our findings to you with specific recommendations. Performing accurate market research will determine exactly what we can obtain for our client within the current market conditions.

Offer Preparation

Once we find our client their dream home, IM Team will prepare a professional offer in the buyer’s best interests and encompassing any and all conditions that are necessary to protect our client. IM Team will prepare an offer at the earliest possible opportunity in order to increase the probability that our buyer will be successful in acquiring the property in question, but nonetheless, this will be performed carefully without jeopardizing our client. IM Team’s focus isn’t about getting paid, but rather on building a strong relationship with their buyer so that they will actually remember who bought them their home, and who will also gladly call us back for repeat business in the future. We care a lot about our clients and we want them to know that.

Offer Negotiation

IM Team will work with its clients from day one, including when it comes time for offer negotiations. Since we have already completed the necessary market research and analysis, all that matters now are communication and negotiation skills. We need to be able to clearly and confidently explain to the listing party why our offered price is the most competitive. Nobody will take your word for it, so having actual facts and information in front of you that is available to be shown to the other parties is a necessity and also one of our biggest strengths. We work hard to obtain the most accurate statistical information and we use such information as a negotiation weapon to prove our point. We have performed many of these calculations in our professional career and we always make sure that our analysis is fully completed and documented prior to presenting our findings. When we do present our findings we need to be confident that we have the correct information. Sometimes our analysis will conclude that a listing price of a property is considerably higher than what the property is worth. When this happens, IM Team will contact our client and inform them that it might be better to pursue other properties or offer a price that equivalent to the market value. Knowing when to walk away from a bad deal is just as important as knowing when a good deal is in place.

Homelife Home Warranty program

IM Team’s brokerage, Homelife Power Realty, offers its clients a home warranty program designed to protect clients from the cost of repairs and replacement of most of the major equipment and systems within the home in the event of a mechanical failure. IM Team is proud to be able to offer such a unique home warranty program to our clients and provide them with a peace of mind when buying property. Please contact IM Team to learn more about how we can offer this service to you.

Why Work With a Agent When Buying Property?

Using a agent helps home buyers complete a real estate transaction with as little hassle as possible. Since IM Team follows the buyer’s step by step guide as detailed above in every real estate transaction, our clients do not have to continue worrying and thinking about what they have forgotten to do. IM Team takes away the stress that buyers will undoubtedly experience while at the same time performing all of the necessary functions in order to get their clients their dream homes at a fair price. Whenever a buyer does not have a agent, they tend to be manipulated much easier by listening to other buyers and their past experiences, they tend to conduct unrealistic market research which does not encompass properties of similar shape and size, they tend to pay more for properties because they do not have anyone representing them and negotiating for them, they tend to miss out on properties that they might have liked because there was nobody there to show them these new listings, and most importantly then tend to purchase a home that is not what they dreamed for. A agent will also be able to provide you with statistical real estate sales information, historical growth rate in any given area, demographics for a neighbourhood, and much more. After all this, why would anyone want to buy on their own and risk losing it all?