Thinking About Investing in Real Estate?

Canada is a prosperous country and has proven to be one of the best for real estate investing over the last couple of decades. A large inflow of Canadian citizens as well as citizens of other countries have invested their hard earn money in the Canadian real estate market. The higher class within Canada understand that one of the best ways to continue to grow their wealth is by investing in real estate, and they do this regularly. However, the majority of the general public still seems to be afraid to invest in real estate. IM Team is here to educate you and help you make smart investment choices in today’s market, especially around Kitchener/Waterloo and surrounding areas. IM Team has helped out many investors find the perfect property that suits their risk tolerance and price range, and we would love to help you out as well.

Benefits of Real Estate Investing

IM Team has come up with the following benefits on why real estate investing is a phenomenal way to increase and sustain your wealth for the future based on both the general market trends as well as specific growth potential in the Kitchener/Waterloo and surrounding areas:

Ability to Generate a Higher Return on Investment

As opposed to investing in the bond or stock market where you have very little influence on the price itself, you can invest some of that hard earned money and complete necessary and beneficial home renovations that would have a much better appeal to the tenants or other investors who are interested in buying your property. This would allow you to charge more rent or ultimately to list your investment property for sale at a higher price than you would if you didn’t complete any home renovations.

Increasing Land Prices

“Buy Land – They are not making more of it” – A famous line that is heard over and over again, and one that is definitely true. The land that we have available now is all the land that we will have in the future, and not more. Land prices increase as demand for new development goes up. With the anticipated population growth in Canada and more specifically Kitchener/Waterloo, you can be assured that demand for new development will continue to climb. With higher demand, and shrinking supply of available land we will continue to see the price of land climbing upwards. Therefore, investing in land can prove to be a very lucrative investment over the long term. However, we must inform our investors that land itself will usually end up sitting idle for a number of years until a developer comes around and decides to convert land into new residential or commercial use.

Large Number of High-Tech Firms Within Kitchener/Waterloo

With the assistance of Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Waterloo, and Conestoga College, Kitchener/Waterloo has experienced a tremendous influx of skilled labour in the technological field. This significantly helped attract other large technological companies to open up offices within Kitchener/Waterloo. This abundance of skilled labour has created a large network of small start-up companies of which some have grown exponentially over the last several years. This also provided an opportunity for people from all over the world to come and work in Kitchener/Waterloo. With continued growth of these technological start-ups in Kitchener/Waterloo, more and more properties will be needed to accommodate everyone. This will only help real estate prices to keep increasing. This is where an investor could rent their property and grow their wealth over the long term.

Large Student Population in Kitchener/Waterloo

With the continued and stable growth of Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Waterloo, and Conestoga College, Kitchener/Waterloo is continuously seeing an increase in the number of students attending post-secondary education. A large portion of these students will require accommodation, and the city is constantly adding new homes and high rise buildings in order to be able to fulfill the demand.

Best Places to Invest

Kitchener/Waterloo and surrounding areas are listed as one of the top places for real estate investing by the Real Estate Investment Network in their Top Ontario Investment Towns Report for 2014. This clearly demonstrates that there will be many investors looking to capitalize in on the real estate market within Kitchener/Waterloo. IM Team is prepared and ready to help out any potential investors find the right property for them.

Final Note

We hope that the above benefits have provided you with enough confidence to start and/or to continue investing in real estate, especially in Kitchener/Waterloo and surrounding areas. IM Team loves working with investors and will assist you in locating new and existing properties that has a great return on investment potential. IM Team looks for investment opportunities on a daily basis, so call us today so that we can help your real estate investing dreams become a reality!!!