Thinking about selling a home?

Most people think that selling a home is a complicated process, but it does not have to be complicated at all. At IM Team we are very flexible and we adjust our selling strategies accordingly in order to best meet our clients’ needs. We offer our clients many services which have proven that if implemented accurately will sell your home quicker. We rely on our services as well as market statistics to help our clients sell their property in the shortest time frame possible while retaining as much cash as possible in your wallet. Below you will find some of our main strategies that we utilize regularly in order to successfully market and sell our clients’ properties and we recommend that all sellers review this information.

IM Team’s Home Selling Services


We offer our clients a wide range of marketing services which has the possibility of attracting a large number of qualified buyers. These different services include; having our clients’ listings on the agent website, on our Homelife Brokerage website, on our website, on our social media including Facebook and YouTube, on print media advertisements in many different forms aimed at different target markets, and on other unique advertisements that are specific to every property. IM Team’s agents come from a strong background in Economics and Marketing and as such are able to utilize all of the various services noted simultaneously in order to capture the attention of a large pool of qualified buyers within a very short period of time. IM Team’s skills and abilities also expand into professional photography and video development areas and are often able to incorporate such products with your home listing for free rather than our clients needing to acquire these services through a third party and having to pay more.

Open Houses and On-Call Team

IM Team’s commitment to our clients is that we will always try our hardest to be available when the client needs us. Whether that be on weekdays, weeknights, weekends, holidays, and so forth, IM Team is motivated by the same reasons as our clients, of which the strongest motivator is to sell your home in the shortest period possible. IM Team will host open houses for our clients as agreed upon prior to any agreement being signed between the agents and the sellers. IM Team has held many open houses in real estate and have been trained by professionals in analyzing buyers who are just looking around, and those who are actually interested in purchasing a property. By utilizing our skills, IM Team can concentrate on buyers who are actually interested in buying property and spend less time with parties who are not interested.

Home Renovations

Most buyers prefer a renovated home as opposed to one that needs work. Often buyers either don’t have the time, or the motivation to renovate the house themselves. As such, it is often the seller’s responsibility to renovate his or her home prior to us listing it and placing a “for sale” sign on the yard. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Appraisal Institute of Canada have come up with an approximate return on a homeowner’s investment on some of the most common renovations. Please contact us if you are interested in the figures. IM Team is well educated in cost/benefit analysis and will assist our clients in helping them determine which renovations would be worthwhile to complete from both a return on investment point of view and a potential buyers point of view.

Home Staging Strategies

In order to make a home stand out from the competition and appeal to buyers, homeowners need to be able to express why their house is worth as much as advertised. One of the ways to subconsciously deliver this message to buyers and help them choose one home over another is through home staging. We at IM Team have been helping our clients with home staging strategies from the first day that we started working as real estate professionals, and we have taken lessons on home staging in order to be able to assist our clients in having their property stand out from the competition. IM Team would gladly use these techniques and demonstrate to our clients on what needs to be done in order to sell their property at its market price. By using home staging techniques provided by IM Team, our clients should experience a greater number of qualified buyers viewing their home.

Screening Offers and Offer Negotiations

IM Team is experienced and knowledgeable in offer negotiations and in screening offers for clients. Our job is to protect and represent our clients and show them why they have made the right decision to work with IM Team. We will explain offers to our clients and go in as much detail as necessary to get them to understand all offers received. We will work in our client’s best interest and we will provide them with advice and recommendations on all offers to help them choose the best offer on the table.

Flexible Commission

IM Team’s system is all based on being flexible for our clients, and therefore, none of our commission rates are fixed. IM Team is able to offer flexible commission rates starting as low as 1%*. IM Team can adjust its commission rates in as many ways as possible to meet client needs. If you would like to find out more information about commission rates, please contact IM Team directly for additional information.

Why Work With a Agent When Selling Property?

Using a agent will provide clients with peace of mind when it comes to selling their property and dealing with prospective buyers. The agent acts as a mediator whose main job is to protect the interest of his/her clients. All agents are required to take continuing education courses which enables them to be up to date on current trends in the marketplace as well as new government regulations. Agents know how to compute the market price of a home and analyze whether or not their client’s home is actually worth what the seller might be claiming based on their subjective point of view. However, there are still many sellers out there who believe that listing their home privately is a better choice because they will be saving money on commission fees. 

Listing a home privately can work great in some cases, but IM Team discourages homeowners from attempting to utilize this approach due to consequences that typically arise. Sellers are usually biased towards the value of their home and ultimately assume that it’s worth more than it actually is and often leads to potentially qualified buyers looking elsewhere. Sellers often do not understand the disclosure requirements and the consequences they might face if they do not disclose latent material defects to buyers can lead to lawsuits. Sellers are often attached to their home through emotions and will be reluctant to lower the price even if the property has been on the market for some time. Sellers often have full time jobs so they are unable to communicate with buyers when they demand it, and sellers are unlikely to possess the necessary skills to screen offers and to negotiate with the buyer’s agent and to protect their own interests. Once a homeowner takes into consideration all of this, can it be said for certain that they will actually end up saving money on their commission fees? At IM Team we offer our clients extremely affordable rates and we ask that they communicate with us prior to making any rash decisions on selling their home privately. 

IM Team has also come up with a list of questions that homeowners should investigate in case they are still thinking about selling privately. Please send us an e-mail through Contact Us and in the IM Team with subject line write “Sellers Report – Questions to consider if selling privately” so that we may provide a potential seller with a free document on issues to consider if wishing to sell privately.